All Natural and Individulized shampoo
used for gentle cleansing of skin & coat

Mobile Dog/Cat
Grooming Services Include:

Warm Water Body Shampoo & Massage

Tearless Blueberry facial

Full Blow Dry

Brush out / Minor Dematting

Nails Clipped & Filed

Ears Cleaned & Plucked

Coat Conditioner

Anal Glands checked/Expressed

Teeth Brushing

Additional Charge for:


Flea Control

Nails Polished

Quality & Convenient
Pet Styles brought to you
with prices starting at:

$55 Small Breed

$65 Small Breed with styling

$70 Medium Breed with styling

$85 Large Breed with styling

$85 Cats

Business Hours:
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Monday through Friday