“Karen Minor” August 08

Tonya has provided excellent grooming services for my two pets for over ten years.
I had a Persian cat named “puffy” that was a regular until his passing 3 years ago.
My Yorkshire terrier “Major” has a standing appointment every two weeks.
Tonya has consistently giving my pets great care and service.
Her style of grooming starts with calming the animals…while she is soothing them in the comfort of her arms.
Tonya makes sure that she has a clear understanding of the services to be provided.
She uses products that are specific to the animals needs.
If she finds any unhealthy abnormalities with the animals while grooming, she informs you immediately and lets you know how she will proceed.
The amount of precision and hard work she puts into every cut is truly unparallel, leaving me satisfied upon every return of my beloved pets.
I would not take “Major” to anyone else, for any other groomer would pale in comparison to the fruits of Tonya’s hard labor.


Hello Tonya,
I just want you to know that Skitter has become so alive and frisky since her new haircut. She is running around the house and acting like she has a new lease on life. Thank you so much for what you have done for her. We absolutely love her new look.
Regards, Joanie Grubaugh and the entire
Grubaugh Family

We love Toni's mobile pet spa. She truly loves animals and they love her too. The dogs actually seem happy to see the trailer pull up! And it's so convenient to have the groomer come to me so that i don't have to take time off work to run around and pick up pets. Now if I could just find a mobile human spa to roll up to my front door and provide an hour of pampering for myself! :o

Trish G.